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Cid was squatted off from the center of the arena, arms draped over his knees as he chewed a wad of gum. Ever since his debut, he'd always done this. He arrived twenty minutes early, and waited for his opponent in the ring. He was enjoying it, as always.

With a glance up, the off kilter summer sun, coupled with the cloudless sky, beat right down on him. The summer sun always felt like a comfortable weight when it came down on him. It felt so good being so warm.

The wind was nice. It came by every so often, whipping his thin shirt back and forth from where it was sitting perched on his shoulders. That was another thing he did, every year. He'd strap that shirt to his shoulders and let the wind billow about it. Naturally he only wore pants to the competition. Tradition. He'd done it for the past eight years, he'd do it for the next twelve. 

He looked over to the stands, where among the faces, his friends were sitting, watching. Jessica waved, grinning wide at him. He nodded, smiling. She wasn't his closest friend, but... They grew up together. Marc was there too; in Marc, Cid only saw another opponent. A worthy foe. But not much for friendliness. 

James and a few other familiar faces were there. He couldn't make them all out, but he saw James. Blue hair, blue hair, blue hair. Kid loves going blue. That thought made Cid chuckle as he looked away. Ever since they met, that little blond nerd dyed his hair, and it was funny. It was his attitude mostly.

Cid took a calming breath. His roommates were in that crowd, just like they always have been. Just the same as every year, the crowd was cheering for him. He was their favorite fighter. 

He let out a long breath and took in the energies around him; his ki simmered softly under the hard sunlight...

When the crowd turned silent, he looked across the arena, and found a tall dark figure, all in red standing there. His opponent was early. He wasn't as early as Cid, but early. The fight would start as soon as Cid made his show of flair.

He stood up and disrobed, letting his shirt fly away in the hot wind. His opponent was big. As big as he was, which was becoming a rarity as of late. For the past four years, his opponents were mostly smaller than he, aside from the occasional giant.

Cid grinned. Cid nodded. This was good. Two men of equal stature, duking before a live audience made for a much more interesting show in his opinion!

Cid slid into his stance, holding a fist forward and a fist back, near his stomach. "Ready?"

His opponent just cracked his neck and dropped into a similar form, putting forth open palms.

Never one to overlook details or underestimate adversaries, Cid loosened up a bit. He ran straight toward his opponent, keeping his chin higher than normal. There had been enough fighters copying him for him to develop a few simple counter-maneuvers and counter-stances.

As soon as he was within range, he slid a grating fist up across the dark guy's chest. This left his stance open enough for a punch-and-knee double strike to the same side. The dark man stumbled away, dropping his form entirely as he recovered. 

Cid ducked back a few steps, regaining his stance. The dark man was made of solid muscle. Sort of surprising that Cid never heard of such a powerful fighter. 

The wall took a simple stance, standing there without any form and walked toward Cid.

Confused, but wary of some secret fighting technique, Cid ducked behind and delivered a hard two punches to the man's back. He followed with a downward fist right on his shoulder, knocking him to his knees. 

Cid jumped back a few feet, watching the guy get back up.

Cid shrugged while taking a short breath. "Are you going to fight back?"

The man turned around, faced Cid, and began walking towards him.

Cid shook his head, trying to get the confusion away. "Are you enjoying this? Getting pummeled?" He turned toward the referee and stopped.

There was no referee. He looked back to the dark man, and took a few steps back. "Hey, you know where the ref is?"

His only response was soft steps against grass as the wall kept walking forward.

Cid glanced toward the stands, and stopped stepping for a second. The stands were empty.


With a grunt, he noticed the dark man was now standing in front of him, his huge arm wrapped around his neck like a snake. Cid's hands flew to the iron beams that were his arm even as his grip started tightening.

The man started putting more of his weight on Cid's back, forcing him to stoop over. Cid's breath wasn't coming to him. Panic was starting to settle in. He got caught. He never got caught. He never got caught in a hold.

The sun above them heated the dark man, making the piping hot hold burn Cid's neck as he pounded at his opponent's gut and clawed at his grip on his neck. 

His breath wasn't coming to him anymore and his hands started growing colder. With a roar, Cid called out all of his ki at once, forcing his body to do nothing.

He looked around, gasping for air as nothing happened, his ace fizzling under the dark wall's grip.

Not knowing what to think, he started rising. The dark man was raising him. He was being raised higher and higher off of the ground, his feet kicking and thrashing about, trying to bang into the darkness.

It was only when he felt a hand clamp down on his head did he stop moving. 

He screwed his eyes shut and screamed in defiance as that gigantic hand clenched down.


Cid took a breath and opened his eyes. The fan above him slowly spun, twisting up the hot night air.

He sat up, throwing what little covers he decided to use off of his sweaty body. He groaned as he rubbed the sweat from his brow. He focused on breathing first.

He noticed Izzy in the doorway. It just opened as he sat up. She was still wearing her night gown, and nothing else. It looked nice on her-

He shut his eyes and grunted. Didn't need to think of that right now of all times.

She edged into the room and sat next to him. His bachelor's bed squeaked in surprise at the additional weight of his cousin. But he didn't take notice. He just tried to keep his airflow steady.

That didn't stop her from inching closer to him, and turning toward him. She remained like that, not moving except to put her hand on his hip.

Cid closed his eyes and sighed. He looked over to Izzy. When he noticed that this time she didn't even have time to wrap up her eyes, he let out a sad grunt. He gulped and leaned forward, setting his sweaty forehead against her's.

He stared into her empty, damaged eyes. She almost seemed to stare back.

"Summer nightmare..." Her deep voice didn't seem to break the silence so much as the movement of her body as she spoke.

He nodded. He didn't resist as Izzy pushed him back down onto his back. He sighed and closed his eyes as her hand trailed over them. "Go back to sleep." He could hear her moving so she was sitting next to his bed. "I'll watch out for bad dreams."

Cid nodded and sighed, breathing in that hot summer night air. "I used to..."

Izzy hummed and gave his arm a reassuring squeeze, knowing the speech all too well. "I know." She reached over and gave him a peck on the forehead. "Sleep, Son of Summer."

Cid peeked and saw her doing some magic stuff. Reassured that the night would go better, he closed his eyes.
Cid Loves The Summer Heat
Hey hey, look, an entry into the current "Summer" mini contest over at Writing-Commissions.
It's a little story about Cid Meteor, enjoying himself a good day out in the middle of Summer.
Good times to be had by all, I'm sure.

Please let me know what you think!
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I'm accepting commissions on writings.

2 cents per word.

Payment by paypal.

I cap at 1500 words for now.

Inquire within.
"New year, new life."

James blinked and looked up and over to Dr. Razyn. He cocked a brow at the doctor's first comment of the evening.

When the younger Razyn asked James if the elder could come to their home for New Year's Eve, James didn't know what to think of it. At first he thought it was a prank, or some kind of shenaniganery. But as the night went on, and the typical guests streamed into the mansion foyer and subsequently living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms and gaming parlor, he took note that neither of the two Razyns seemed to be up to anything. 

So it wasn't until when around seven minutes into ten o'clock that Dr. Razyn made his first comment that James realized that they had been sitting together for almost an hour, eating the light New Year dinner.

Letting out a soft grunt of acceptance of this fact, James returned the comment. 

"You what, mate?"

The doctor turned to him, so his organic eye could meet his. "You've been gone from the tunnels too long."

James closed his eyes and shrugged. "True. Uh, five years now." He slowly opened his eyes, and let them widen a little. "Yeah. A long time since I was down there." He looked over to Dr. Razyn. "I didn't realize."

Razyn nodded. He turned to watch Marc punching his brother Devinne in the stomach. The mutant man crumpled, laughing, while the middle brother David laughed along. Marc sneered, pulling Erica close.

The quiet men looked back at each other. The doctor broke the short silence. "New life, new year is a phrase that gained popularity last year, with the rise of a spore-core popstar." He made a motion of pulling an opening hand away from his mouth a few times. "Every year, everyone can spread themselves through friends and family, just like he and his kin can."

James nodded. "You're getting pretty hip." He picked up a spoonful of soup and sipped it, watching Jessica stroll over. She was grinning wide as always as she took a seat between them.

"Hi you two!" She seemed especially peppy, which James had to admit he didn't mind. 

Razyn gave a short wave, mechanical wrist silently swaying. James did the same.

Taking a slice of bread in hand, James drawled out an "Ey, wassup."

Jessica shrugged, the thick fabric of her dress bunching slightly and relaxing with the motion. "I just finished setting up the boring bits of the new year, so I thought I'd swing down here and see how everyone is doing." She looked over the twenty or so people gathered in their home.

She threw her hands up at someone who just dropped onto the couch. "Oh, its Jen!" She hopped out of her seat. "I gotta go see her, it's been way too long." She looked back at James and Razyn, who stared back at her. "Don't cause too much trouble you two." She winked. "New year, new life!" With that, she skipped over to the couch, almost floating.

James furrowed his brow. "Oh, Jess knows that phrase." He shrugged with a smirk and looked to Razyn. "I feel old now."

Razyn nodded. "That cannot be so bad."

"Nah." James chewed on some bread, watching the tv from where he sat. "Getting old... Happens." He looked down at the crusts in his hands and gnawed on them.

"You have gotten older, James."

James looked over to Razyn. As always, the doctor showed nothing in his expression.

James gulped slightly. Hearing his name droned out like that sounded ominous. Everything the doc did sounded ominous or looked dramatic.

All he could muster was "I guess, yeah."

The doctor looked to him, seeming bored or uninterested in the conversation. As if it didn't matter. James could never figure out the guy. "When I first met you, do you remember what you said to me?"

James furrowed his brow. "Uh... No. No, not at all. A lot of that time was... You know what happened."

The doctor didn't say anything after that. He just watched Devinne pick himself up and wander over to where his siblings were standing around, and joined them for a drink.

James returned to watching the tv.

"I want to make everything back the way it was before, and I don't want it to change again."

James blinked several times, as if trying to wake himself from a dream. He slowly turned towards the doctor, who was turned to face him fully. He was leaned in slightly.

James shook his head. "What?"

The doctor only nodded. "That is the first thing you told me. You wanted to reset your life and prevent it from changing."

"...Oh." That seemed random.

"You have changed since then. When we were first introduced, you were dead set on never changing or growing up, or anything else of the nature."

James stared at the doctor. Razyn stared back at him. They sat like that for a few moments. James took a deep breath and scratched his cheek. "Oh. I uh... Thanks? I guess?"

Razyn shook his head, and watched the tv. "Think nothing of it, old friend."

James smirked and gave a snort. "Aight."

Someone cleared his throat next to James, and he jumped in his seat. "Jeeze."

The younger Razyn shrugged, smiling. "Enjoying yourself, boss and bro?"

The doctor nodded.

James just gave the younger Razyn a disapproving look. Feigned anger, but he has told Razyn not to sneak up on him. "Sure. What up?"

Razyn shrugged and walked off. "Just wanted to know what you were talking about." He sat down next to James. "You talk about that thig you wanted to talk about?"

James looked to the elder.

The elder shook his head. "It was not necessary. As I anticipated."

The younger nodded, smiling a little. "Good. That's good." He patted James on the back. "Before you ask what we're talkin about, just don't worry about it, boss."

James shook his head, raising his hands a little. "Whateva." He reclined in his seat and sighed. "New uh year, new life."

The elder nodded, watching the tv. The younger gave a short cheer, and pulled James closer, hand on his shoulder. "Atta boy, boss! New year, new life!"

James just smirked as he supped his soda., watching the New Year's coverage on the tv.
New Life, New Year
Happy New Years!

Just a little bit of a rattling off of words and dialogue about growing up and having some time to think.

Also a great chance to find a voice for modern James. 

Characters (c) me, qinop.
'I'm a star.'


With a sharp intake, James snapped awake, bolting into a sitting position. From his spot next to Jessica, he quickly breathed. Only shallow breaths came to him.
Jessica stared up at him. Between being wary of the city dwellers, and sleeping in a single small bed together, she woke up as soon as he bolted upright. "James." She whispered, just so she wouldn't startle him. "What happened? Nightmare?"
James slowly turned to look at Jessica. He blinked, wiping his hair out of his brow. "Jess? Is that you?" He squinted. It was hard to tell in the dark of Jessica's shed, but... His friend looked so strange and foreign.
Jessica frowned and sat upright, the sheets falling off of her. "...Yeah, yeah it's me." She extended a hand, grasping James' shoulder. She strained to see in the dark, tried to find his barely less dark eyes. "Are you okay? You're starting to scare me."
James flicked his eyes toward where Jessica's soft hand held his shoulder. He looked back to her, and noticing the familiar curves of her face, and the volume of her hair, smiled. He nodded a little, pulling up the bed sheet. "Yeah." He let out a sigh. It felt like relief, but he didn't know why. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just had some kind of nightmare."
Jessica stared at him for a moment before removing her hand. "Wanna talk about it?"
James furrowed his brow and looked off into space. What was it about?
James must have been staring for too long, because Jessica suddenly gave him a good firm poke to the side. He flinched and looked to her.
She just offered a smile that his dark adjusted eyes easily made out (her smile was pearly white). She lessened the grin and asked, "Well? What was it about?"
James shrugged. "I don't know. I forgot." He furrowed his brow, not happy with the answer.
Jessica frowned. She stared at him for a moment, as if to gauge whether or not he was letting her on. When she didn't see any of the usual signs of him lying, she laid back down. "Well... Regardless, try to get some more sleep. Tomorrow is seven day. Gotta meet Marc again."
James laid down with Jessica. He looked at her for a brief moment. Eyes closed, faint smile, curled up. She looked so comfortable, like sleeping on half a bed was all she'd ever known.
James looked back up the ceiling of the shed and blinked a few times. That dream bothered him. What did being a star meant?
Stars are gods, or big balls of fire, or even specks leftover from an overuse of magic, long ago.
Magic? He didn't know how he knew that, but he did. It was weird, but he felt like he knew.
His eyes drooped with the thought. He knew from some other time, when he did... Something.
Sleep took him again.


"The sun is shining!"
James grunted, and wrapped his arms around his stomach. Jessica always knocked the wind out of him on a seven day. She always woke up as soon as the sun rose on a seven day. She was always the most energetic on a seven day.
He rolled up and stretched, smoothing out the blacks and whites of his mantle thing. Someone called it a mantle once. It stuck with him.
Jessica was busy packing supplies into his and her backpacks for the seven day. She was so energetic.
James scooted out of bed and scratched at his back. "What are we getting today?"
"Whatever they have!" Jessica exclaimed, waving a spatula. She tossed a (stale) donut at him. It landed in his yawning mouth.
He took a bite and stood next to her, watching her movements as he tried to wake up.
As he ate, he started to doze again, standing up.
Jessica slapped his backpack into his chest, startling him awake. He winced.
"Come on, time to go." She held one strap over her shoulder and marched right out the door.
James proceeded in first gulping down the doughy breakfast and then in following after her.


James had learned very quickly just how large the City was. It spanned fifteen day's walking, from sunrise to sunset, not including sleeping in between. It was also during these past few weeks that he learned that in addition to being his best friend, Jessica was also his only means of getting along in the city. 
For some reason, he couldn't memorize anything about the grey buildings, dingy vacant lots, or black streets. He had brought it up with Jessica, but she couldn't give him a definitive answer why he couldn't grasp the City. So, without any real hang ups, James just decided it would be for the best if he stuck around with Jessica until he got his bearings, if that ever happened.
"No! This is worth at least fifteen bottles!" Jessica shouted as she slammed a fist down onto a wooden counter.
In his haze of the morning, James wondered how easy it would be to learn the City. Being lost would be less embarrassing than the scene Jessica causes every seven day.
Regardless of her methods, she did get results. Seven days, and Jessica's skills in trading, were maybe the only reason they survived at all. Eating trash isn't even remotely healthy; its the stale pastries and sub par fruits and vegetables Jessica gets that keep them sustained.
James blinked, and yawned as he followed Jessica, who was now wearing a backpack full of apples and oranges.
"Ready to haggle with Marc?" She grinned back at him.
When he let out a croaking sound as a response, she only giggled as retort. "You know, you may be the only guy he's ever gone a good ten minutes without cussing out!"
He just smacked his lips, still asleep. "I think its cause I'm not really talking to him at all."
That made Jessica chuckle. "Naw, I think he likes you." She snorted. "Not the way he likes me, but still." The sarcasm was thick on her breath, James could smell it.
They continued down the street and on into the living areas. The places Jessica told him that people who had 'money' and worked in the City lived.
It was a difficult concept to grasp, but the results spoke for themselves. The living areas were all like super sized sheds, and could very well fit twenty people if they slept and lived the way he and Jessica did.
They stopped at a particular living area, the same one they do every seven day. The one with the overgrown grass, the rusted bike in the grass, the piles of mail stuck into the box in the front, and the boarded up windows that matched the peeling paint.
"Marc's house." James fluttered his eyes, trying to get the sleep out. By this point of the seven day, he was totally awake. Or at least when he stepped into Marc's house.
"Mhm!" Jessica chirped, marching across the grassy pathway to Marc's front door. James stayed at her heel, lugging he forgot whatever was in his backpack with him. She clacked the large brass knocker on the front. "Marc, open up!"
The door swung open, Marc standing at the threshold. He crossed his arms across his chest. "You're early. Bring a bunch of stupid shit again, or something useful?"
Jessica visibly cringed. "No, no stupid stuff, Marc."
James nodded, eyeing the surrounding living areas. Its weird that there was never anyone else around Marc's living area.
Marc shrugged and signaled for them to follow him as he retreated into his abode. Jessica and James followed him, as they had time before, into his dining room, which was somewhat barren, except for the basic fixtures.
Jessica gave a sound of intrigue as she sat down at her usual spot. "What happened to all the dirty plates and take out cartons?"
James, as per his own wont, took a random spot at the table, setting his backpack next to him.
Their host sat across from Jessica, grunting, eyeing her. "I finally got someone to help me clean." He sniffed. "Smells better. Makes me less agitated." It was something he was known for, and James thought maybe there was something else keeping him from flying off as usual.
"What did you bring me?"
"Well," Jessica countered, grinning the grin of a predator, "What do you have?"
Marc grunted. "Weapons."
"P-" Jessica stopped and grabbed her own chin, humming. "New ones?"
Marc shrugged. "New to you. Relatively new to me. Still old things."
James rubbed his rumbling stomach and watched the negotiations. Before he could ask, Marc cut him off with a "Yes, you know where the food is, no you can't have anymore than a handful of bottom shelf." James nodded and wandered to the kitchen, leaving them to argue.
Grabbing a handful of drumstick, he tossed the fridge closed. The kitchen looked cleaner, so his appetite wasn't leaving anytime soon. 
It was while he was appreciating the decor of Marc's kitchen that he noticed something laying against the counter, in the corner. It was long, and wrapped in a leather sack. He grabbed it and came back to the others.
He interrupted their argument and presented it. "What's this?"
They both looked at him. Marc shrugged. "Yours. Its an old brittle sword. It was part of a bundle trade and I was going to throw it out."
James bobbed his head and looked inside the cylindrical sack. "Wow, thanks Marc."
Marc grunted and went back to his debate with Jessica. They just sounded like they wanted to argue about something. it wasn't even related to the trades anymore.
James removed the sword to look at it better. It was smooth and shiny, and so reflective he could see himself in it.
He grinned at himself. 

'You're a star.'

James flinched and almost dropped the half sheathed sword.
He jumped and looked to Marc, expecting to be yelled at about some offense. But Marc only gently shook his head, his usual scowl and glare gone. He bobbed his head toward Jessica.
James slowly looked to Jessica. He paled to match her expression. "What is it Jess?"
She pointed to him. "Your forehead. Something on it is glowing. Really bright."
James furrowed his brow. "Glowing?" He looked up at his forehead, and then at the sword, to see his reflection.
What looked like beams of light were just then fading away from his forehead. He blinked and cleared away his hair. The lights left behind black lines in zig zags and lines.
He looked to Jessica, pointing to his forehead. "What is this symbol?"
Jessica shook her head, confused. "...I think its a crown."
The Stars: Chapter 2
Oh, chapter 2.
Took me a few weeks. Work does that. But everytime I sat down, I just busted out an entire scene like it was nothing. 
God. Damn, it feels good to write this out. Its one of the original stories I've had since like 2007, but refitted to be less... Well immature, more structured, and overall as good to anyone reading as it is in my head.

Stay tuned!

James, Jessica, Marc (c) Me, qinop


James Collette
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I'm accepting commissions on writings.

2 cents per word.

Payment by paypal.

I cap at 1500 words for now.

Inquire within.

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